Video Streaming Milestone

Today I eliminated the source of noise on the audio channel by bypassing the Behringer USB device.

I also directed the audio in through the line in jack on the back of the PC and have the headphones working through the audio out jack on the back. The devices are configured through the audio control panel, and they are set in OSB.

Note that when making changes in OSB, they are not activated until you stop and start the stream again.

The audio video synchronization was also worked out. There is an advanced setting where the delay can be set relative to the video frames. After some trial and error I settled on a delay of 200 ms. This seemed to give pretty good test results.

A speed test revealed upload speeds of 1 Mbs. Pretty pathetic when we are probably paying for 5 Mbs. I think Comcast should cut our bill by 80% or deliver what they advertise.

Are they contractually obligated to provide business class customers with a minimum upload speed?

Can they install a second drop that we would dedicate to the streaming PC?

What plan do we have, exactly?

Shawn set up one of the cameras on a tripod so we can have one fixed wide angle view and more easily move the second camera around for close ups. He thought we were supposed to have a third camera, but nobody knew where it was.

I also got about half way through the set up for live audio streaming. I will try to do the rest tomorrow.

We recorded the worship team rehearsal. I will try to get that pushed to the youtube channel tomorrow.

Until the network infrastructure problem with upload speeds is corrected, we will aim to stream live audio and publish a video recording of the service to the youtube channel.

Next actions for the upload problem:

  • find out what exactly our plan is
  • find out what are comcast’s contractual obligations
  • take a laptop and plug directly into the gateway and run a speed test. If it is still pathetic, comcast can’t blame it on anything going on inside the building



“God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure. ”
Eric Liddell

Remember the old song Holiness? As I was listening to the verse about brokenness I started to think about the process of breaking a horse. As I mused about why someone would break a horse, a couple of thoughts occurred to me.

First, one does not break a horse with the intent of breaking it’s spirit. No, that is the last thing the wrangler would want. The wrangler wants to harness the strength and speed and power and spirit of the animal. The wrangler wants these attributes to remain intact. These attributes are what attracted the wrangler to the horse and captivated his attention. The wrangler anticipates the thrill of one day racing across the open planes on the back of that once wild stallion, and thoroughly enjoying it’s strength and speed and power, together, as one.

I don’t know a lot about horses, but I’m guessing that one day that horse learns to enjoy the joy of the master who is riding on his back, giving direction, and commanding them as a unit. It experiences a new freedom, a joy and purpose that it never would have known had it never submitted it’s will, not it’s spirit, to the wrangler.

I dare to say that the Olympian Eric Liddell could never have said “when I run, I feel His pleasure,” had he never been first broken.