Ignite Church Welcomes Gianna Jessen – 10 AM Service

Gianna was born in an abortion clinic after a failed saline abortion. God spared her life and she is now a pro-life advocate, speaker, writer, and singer. Gianna has a message of healing for all victims of abortion. She has traveled the world sharing the message of God’s love and life to world leaders and anyone who would hear her message.

Ignite church was blessed to have Gianna visit and speak a powerful message of truth and life.

Ordinary But Extraordinary

A Mother’s Day Message by Amy Todd

Amy Todd talks about the extraordinary impact on history made by ordinary women of faith through their acts of obedience.

Many of us sacrifice our own desires and needs for the sake of family or friends, and many times nobody notices, but God does. And many times, ladies, it’s not what others believe about us, but it’s what we believe about our self that’s holding us back from what God has called us to do.
Amy Todd

No Plan B in the Kingdom of God

Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016

…if you’re feeling like your life is Plan B and somehow you screwed everything up, I’m here to tell you today, that you’re still in Plan A. You’re still in God’s original plan for you because he knew what you were going to do anyway. And he allowed all those situations, not so that you could struggle, but so that he could be glorified. Because he’s going to see you through, whether you believe it in this moment or not. He sees you. He knows you.
Dawn Steele