The Expression of Worship

How to Worship God, Part 3

Patrick Steele and Sean Todd
For many centuries, there has been much diversity in the way that different groups of Christians express themselves to God in the act of worship. Why are some churches always somber and refined, while others are very free and exuberant? … And, oh yeah, what about those spiritual gifts? In this lesson we will delve into what the BIBLE teaches about EXPRESSING our worship to God.


The Experience of Worship

How to Worship God, Part 2

It is a modern fad among Christians today to pursue an emotional experience from the church “worship service”. Some even choose their church based on the style or quality of its music ministry and how it makes them feel. Is this a right approach? Is the act of worship really about OUR experience? If so, in what way?

In this teaching we will seek to understand the role of PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in worship.

Patrick Steele
Sean Todd

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