Jump Start – Part 2

Connection Through Worship

I’m gonna worship You whether I’m feelin’ great or feelin’ bad, I’m gonna worship no matter what the circumstances. That is the sign of a mature believer, is when our worship is unconditional. But guess what happens when you worship in an unconditional fashion? God likes to intervene.

Sean Todd

Jump Start – Part 1

Connection Through Prayer

Pastor Sean Todd begins a new sermon series about connecting with God. In Part One of our series, he talks about connecting to God through prayer.

…when you let the Holy Spirit take over, He begins to pray through you, and for you, and that connectivity to God begins to build you up in your faith. …here’s the greatest thing for weak faith – prayer. When you’re facing a situation and you just can’t get enough faith to believe that God’s gonna do anything, or that He cares, or that He’s even there, when you begin to pray in the Spirit, it begins to build your faith. Sean Todd