Spiritual Warfare, Part 5: The Spoils of War

It’s fine to read books about self-esteem and stuff, but if seeing the cross of Jesus doesn’t do something for your self-esteem, it doesn’t matter what’s on the New York Times Best Sellers List.
Patrick Steele

Program Note: Due to technical difficulties, the audio quality of this podcast is somewhat diminished, particularly at the beginning. The content, however, meets the normal quality and purity standards we strive for at Ignite Church, the standards due the Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Warfare, Part 3

As believers, we will encounter various aspects of spiritual warfare that the adversary employs to resist God and to resist God’s work both in the Church and out[side the Church].
Patrick Steele

Pastor Patrick discusses the different aspects of our warfare, our approach to the battle, and the weapons that are found in our arsenal.