No Plan B in the Kingdom of God

Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016

…if you’re feeling like your life is Plan B and somehow you screwed everything up, I’m here to tell you today, that you’re still in Plan A. You’re still in God’s original plan for you because he knew what you were going to do anyway. And he allowed all those situations, not so that you could struggle, but so that he could be glorified. Because he’s going to see you through, whether you believe it in this moment or not. He sees you. He knows you.
Dawn Steele

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  1. This message is packed with awesome encouragement. It came at a time when I felt like my life was defined by a bunch of things that “I didn’t sign up for.” I have often wrestled with the thought of what my life may have been like had I made other decisions earlier in life, decisions I had always thought of as Plan A. Our Father reminded me through this message that he chose me before I ever made those decisions that shaped my life, that I had always considered Plan B.

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