Real Success

significance isn’t found in things like winning a Super Bowl—or whatever is considered to be the pinnacle of your career or ambitions. No, significance is found in focusing on the priorities you know are important: doing as good a job as you can do, spending quality time with people you love, and investing yourself in ministry opportunities and influencing others for good. In other words, real success is about doing what God has called you to do as well as you can.

When we figure that out, it sets us free from a lot of pressure. We don’t have to become a head coach, a CEO, a PhD, a billionaire, or a celebrity in order to be successful. There’s nothing wrong with being any of those things, but our significance doesn’t depend on them. In fact, we need to find our significance long before we ever step into one of those roles. We need to set our minds on discovering what God has put us here to do and then doing it as well and as faithfully as we can. When our hearts and our actions are true to our callings, God considers us successful. And in the end, His is the only scoreboard that counts.

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