The Invisible Man

The reason you and I can still exist in this relationship, this long distance relationship with Jesus Christ, through time and space, and even through difficult times in our life, is because of the experiential reality that the third person of the Holy Trinity has filled our hearts to overflow, and His presence there inhabiting us on the inside communicates to us indiscriminately, irresistibly, the love of God Himself. That’s Good News!
Patrick Steele

My Church – Part 8: Church Discipline

A Procedure to Practice

by Patrick Steele

A Principal to Apply

by Sean Todd

This is how Jesus views His church. It is a place where God’s honor must be kept and where his children must feel safe.
Patrick Steele

Whenever there’s an issue with church discipline, or disputes between brothers and sisters, the goal is always restoration.
Sean Todd

My Church – Part 7: How We Maintain Fellowship

We’ve got to be on mission when we get to church, saying, “I am coming to church today to maintain the spirit of unity and the bond of peace because¬†when I break the spirit of unity and I break the bond of peace, I’m doing damage to Jesus’ work on the cross.”
Pastor Patrick