Straight out of Context – Part 3

I Can Do All Things

The context of this scripture [is] a context of basically provisional suffering, provisional struggling. Paul’s talking specifically about provision. He’s talking about his needs being met, and he says there were times in his life when he was in great want, and there’s times in his life when he was in great plenty, and the equalizer in that situation is the strength and the grace of the Lord.
Sean Todd


I Can, I Will. End of Story.

You’re going to suffer in this world whether you want to or not.  And so, in the instant, if we’re going to suffer anyway, we should suffer for God, because in suffering for God, we can ask God for his strength. Philippins 4:13 says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” And God will give you the strength to go through anything that you’re going through right now.
Corey Parker